Our Board brings together the chairperson, Five Board Members, a CEO/ Secretary and a Secretariat in immersive, exciting work environment where next generation of county human resource is tapped.

Our Location compliments our Service we are just a walking distance from the town center which provides convenient accessibility to all categories of our clients. We are neighboring the Governors offices and within the reach of the county departments head offices which is a powerful evidence of our commitment to support all the departments and all citizens.

Our cool and quiet office environment has demonstrated a profound effect on performance of all of us within business hours and even beyond such hours whenever necessary. I would like to welcome every person who has skills, motivation and right attitude to come and join our county public service. We are always able to attract and retain the very best professionals from all over the world for various departments.

Therefore, with our applicants and interviewees coming from all over the world, our Board offers a world class selection process. We are at the forefront of getting the best into the workforce and our standards do not compromise or discriminate potential candidates based on either gender, age, disability, marital status, religion, economic or socio-cultural factors.

We are committed to fairness and exercise integrity as we conduct our business professionally. In summary, if your ambition is to work and excel in your profession, in a county government environment, then Homabay should be your county of choice. In so doing, an interview with us is your first step for achieving that your ambition, and you are most welcome. We look forward to meeting you during one of our interviews.